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Conversation Between Kagome and iHEARTYOU867

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  1. Happy Halloween!!
  2. Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays!! =D
  3. hehehehe...So I've noticed. x3
  4. Yeah, There preetty addictive.
  5. Yeah...sorry...heh. I never got into the big fad social network sites. And I doubt I ever will.
  6. Ahh. Oaky.
  7. Nope...Closest thing I have to a MySpace is an IMVU home page. :3 Which is basically a 3D chat client with profile pages.
  8. Heeey.
    You got a myspace?
    I think it's cool. again.
  9. Nice!
    Wish I had a bf. >_<
  10. Hoo [email protected][email protected] it was *nasteh* I won't get into details though. But today will be better because I'm going to my bfs for the next 2 days. So I'm happeh. =) How was yours.
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