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Conversation Between Kagome and kagome122885

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  1. Ou? You're a fan-artist too? Well~That makes two of us. heh. Though I don't post my work here. I post it on Used to use till they removed 3 of my pieces without a reason that made any sense.

    Anyway-I will look at your pics.
  2. That's okay, I think it is listed in my information that I am a male. kagome122885 is just my username, as my real name is Joel. By the way, did you check out my art in the art section? They are drawings in the traditional section, and all are drawn free-handed. I have four pieces that are InuYasha related with three of those featuring Kagome.
  3. Ouu. Hm. Sorry. xD Should probably let people know that on your information. Otherwise everyone will think you're a girl.
  4. I am actually a Kagome fanboy. I have always liked Kagome Higurashi ever since I got into Inuyasha back in mid to late 2004. She is my all time favorite anime character.
  5. Hey there lil lady. ;D
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