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Conversation Between ai_frostbite and sunnyside

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  1. That was supposed to be a PM, but your box is full. The subject was "point for you"

    This is for some posts you had in the past, but that came since i last did a round of points (I go back and read through everything every so often ).
  2. As always I'm here to help out if you'd like to jump back in at some point. You could just throw in a reaction post to clobbering Sol's character. Actually a way to get you back in might be to have your character spot him in the vicinity of another female. Fearing that he'd be about to attack her you could rush his character again (he's quite a bit more sentient now).

    Though I could put you somewhere else instead. Actually I do have one player that's all alone (his character died and came back as a guardian spirit in the form of a wolf. However the player he was with has gone inactive). You could just have your character move through the woods to spot them (a woman riding on a wolf). We could have her character go unconscious so it works that she's inactive.

    I suppose you could play on your own, or with an NPC of mine, or I could try and get someone else to join.

    Either way let me know if you're interested.
  3. Oh. I forgot to mention you pm box is full. That's why I put my last message here.
  4. I know how it can be with little kids. I hope the job thing makes life a bit easier on you. Anyway of course I can get you back in.

    First you could make a post where your character beats the stuffing out of Sols character (Tim the revenant) and then your character reacting to that.

    After that I'll prod Huwl and see if he still wants to play as you post could give him an entry point.

    Otherwise (or maybe anyway) I'll probably have you run into Sol and Ellexeeva.
  5. I'm still here! I pmed you!! judging by the posts though, looks like someone took my place lol
  6. Oh no did you vanish again? Let me know if you're still around.
  7. Hey, if you're feeling buried under posts, just lemmi know and I can make a summery thing for you.
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