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Conversation Between FluffyDango and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. Hm I understand, breaks are sometimes very bad for understanding things

    Ha ha, it sure is funny xD Thanks for the video
  2. If you watch Baccano without breaks, you might understand the story.
    I've taken breaks, so to me it just feels like one big killing spree :P
    But the bumbling thief couple makes it worth it xD Skip to 1 min, the first min is bad video editting :P No story spoiling, but you don't have to watch it all to understand why they're so funny xD
  3. Lol, no problem, happens to the besst of us sometimes

    Hm, I see, thanks
  4. Ah, forgot lol.

    Baccano is quite bloody hehe.
    It's exciting, but confusing :P
  5. Watching Elfen Lied, I told you

    Baccano is in my list to watch, it seems rpetty interesting and it's author is the same as Durarara's, which I really loved.
  6. Trying to complete Baccano, and then I'm gonna start on Serial Experiment Lain.
  7. Hey, what animes are you currently watching, bro?
    I'm currently with Elfen Lied, great anime
  8. So one hour more than here
    Ok, sleep well
  9. I'm good, though tired.
    Had an active day yeasterday(for me, 1:30 am here now).
    So you cought me in a bad time, since I'm going to bed hehe.
  10. Hey, how r u doing?
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