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Conversation Between sunnyside and Project D

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  1. Have them post whatever and I will go along with it.
  2. I'm not sure if your rescue post was directed at Jillia(ellexevas character) or Tiffany the nearby NPC. Hmmm. it actually might fit/work better if it was Tiffany as she would be the one that really needed rescuing. Presumably Jillia would then come over having heard the gunshots , and being a tracker. That cool with you?
  3. Or chats, yes.
  4. So by text roleplay do you mean play by post stuff on forums?
  5. Text roleplay mostly though I do play D&D occassionally. I love it, but people don't usually invite me. I don't really look like a D&D player so people don't pick up on the fact I want to be invited.

    I used to play Magic The Gathering but it became too expensive. My friend is trying to get me into UFS and some new game that's similar to Yugioh. I plan on going with him to a tournament in Las Vegas to compete in, but moreso because I want to go to Las Vegas and because he wants more limited edition cards.
  6. You mentioned you're a roleplayer. What games have you played?
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