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Conversation Between sunnyside and animereality

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  1. Random-once-in-a-blue-moon hello again!!! =D <3
  2. I there! Nice to see you around. How is life?
  3. Hey Stranger :3
  4. Heya, sorry i've not replied to your messages. I've been really busy with uni, and now im sick x.x so I wont be able to join that rp for the meantime. Im really sorry!!
  5. Ah? MM2 would be perfect! It'd be ideal if the original players would join, but you could always make a similar rp with new people joining anyway! And, I think im a little lost to come back into that rp now. But i'd love to join one and be there from start to finish!
  6. Well, you're always welcome back in. I think I'm about to get a new player in who could use somebody to RP with.

    But no pressure. I can try to catch you on the next one. It's cool if you're sticking around. I'd thought about doing a MM sequel, but it's kinda silly doing a sequel if nobodies left you know?
  7. Au, this place is my home! I'll always come back. Nice to see you too though, im sorry I dropped from your recent rp, but i'm looking forward to anymore you got planned. Keep me posted! <3
  8. Nice to see someone else from magic mixer back/still around. It was getting to feel like almost everybody I kinda knew on this forum from then had left.
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