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Conversation Between sunnyside and minjy

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  1. Good game
    but I hate the games
    now I`m bored
    tell me something better than that
    or tell me where r u from???
  2. Just head over to the board labeled RPG here.

    At the moment the are three games you could join
    Android underground
    And Nightmarchers.
  3. That`s good now we r friends
    No,I didn`t
    how can I play???
  4. Sure we can be friends.

    And let me be the first to invite you to the rp board. Have you ever tried play by post gaming?
  5. No,I don`t know u
    yes,I`m friendly
    I`m new member in AF and I don`t have friends
    can I b your friend,please???
  6. Well hello. Do I know you by another username, or are you just very friendly?
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