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Conversation Between sunnyside and Nickasaur

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  1. Glad you're still around on here
  2. Well, I've got a feeling she'll be come and go like that. But you're still welcom (heh, encouraged really ) to make another character so you can play more!
  3. Bored~. No posts yet on Night Marchers, I was really into it too x)
  4. Ah Thanks!
  5. Just letting you know that she posted. I wouldn't want you to miss it if you'd gotten used to always getting a notice from her quoting you.
  6. Still no reply on NightM... I feel forever alone xD...
  7. Not sure if she's around anymore tho. Sorry .____. I haven't heard her.
  8. Just waiting to see if Kawaii is OK with that start (and to make sure she's still around, otherwise I'll put you with someone else.)
  9. I fear you're right, I've already started contacting other people.

    Don't worry, I'm not going to forget about you!
  10. I don't think Kawaii_Doughnut is going to reply xD. He/she is not replying to me either .___.
    But thanks for letting me have a chance in you're RPG. Hope I can join<3
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