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Conversation Between sunnyside and eagle heart

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  1. hey how goes it
  2. no i ddn't leave the forum a bit i been on but everybody on my friend list is ususally off so and i'm doing great thx for asking. the reason i'm friendly on messages is because i'm usually nice to ppl.but ppl like u are good friends at school i'm almost loosing my friends but i'm used to it really.
  3. I'm doing alright. How about you? You're so friendly and active in visitor messages I'm surprised you don't have more recent ones. Did you leave the forum for a bit?
  4. hey hows it going
  5. hey
  6. hey hey hey
  7. sunnyside wazup man
  8. hi sunnyside
  9. hi sunnyside hows life teatin ya?
  10. no i do private messages too
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