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Conversation Between sunnyside and Rein*

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  1. i just saw the message in my email I'm clearing it out now. Been really busy exams just ended and I'm a little bit free but only for a short while gonna try and rest and just hang with the family.
  2. I'm going around bugging old players from Nightmarchers if they'd like to wrap something up as the game is moving towards it's conclusion.

    But it occurs to me I haven't heard from you in ages. I hope things are OK with you!

    Oh, and your PM folder is full!
  3. Oh, hey, you're still around the forum! How are things going?
  4. Merry Christmas to you too.
  5. Happy Holidays ^_^
  6. I'm sorry to here that. I hope you'll all be in good health soon.
  7. Actually my whole family got sick We're getting better, but still behind in stuff.
  8. Hey sunny, I hope all is well with you; just passing through-checking on everyone and doing some posting
  9. AF family, I'm glad to hear it, wish you and pray for your continued success
  10. Things are going alright.

    Oh you know Azul too.

    huh, do you have actual family here or is that the AF family thing?
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