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Conversation Between sunnyside and Anuket

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  1. Sunny, I can't find the post that I have to reply to on the RP... >_<
    Mind linking me?
  2. Been through a lot while I was gone from AF... DX
  3. Aw, why depressed?
  4. Yeah, the ruins are great and we're lucky enough there are some left for us to see.

    The reason why I used it as my "location" is that it's the country were Roxana, Alexander the Great's wife was from, and since we have the same name I was just inspired by it. XD

    I do hope that someday I'd get to visit it. X3
  5. I knew it as "one of those old places", but had to look up what it was (or if it even still existed). Sounds like it sorta exists as a shadow of it's past self. Though ruins cool.

    Though I imagine it isn't the safest of places at the moment.
  6. Lol'ed, did you actually google where it is?? Well, I'd want to go there someday but it is known as Northern Afghanistan now... so that's gotta be hard. >_<
  7. That's an interesting selection for location. Did you actually go there?
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