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Conversation Between sunnyside and Gero50

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  1. Thats rabdom because thats one of the ones I was considering joining. Now I will. I have to work tonight, but I'll send in my app as soon as possible.
  2. Wait, who or what is Pt? Is that somebodies old username? That game seemed like such a fun concept, any idea why activity dropped off? I'm always curious about these things so it doesn't happen to my games.

    Speaking of which, if you're looking to join a game I'd love to get you into mine (Nightmarchers) it's been going for ages, but I could use some new players to keep some groups rolling (and some people could use some help.)
  3. Pt was god the GM ended up closing it since there was not much activity. I am planing on joining a couple more soon.
  4. Doing pretty good. Though getting crazy busy with the family. Like during college I'd always say I was busy, and thought I was. But this is something beyond.

    I've still got my one creative outlet running games here on AF though, and I'm always recruiting

    By the way, how was that "star chasers" game while it lasted? You were in that right?
  5. Hay there. How have you been. Long time no see.
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