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Conversation Between Anuket and Vaishu

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  1. Hey Anuket Sama!How are you?:3
  2. Lol'ed, its OK..
  3. I'm Bored doing nothing,actually replying to your Visitor Message~_~[Sorry,I have a sick
    sence of humor^^]
  4. Just surfing the net and chatting with my cousins.. X3

  5. NiceSo,what are you doing?
  6. Thank you~ I got it from the Egyptian god Auket.. Teehee~
  7. Awww thanks!Its my real name,actually,"Vaishnavi".I'm called Vaishu.
    I'm great too and Anuket is a cool name too,trust me^^
  8. Great, you then?

    Vaishu, that's a cool name.. X3
  9. How are you?
  10. Hiya~ ^ ^
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