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Conversation Between Anuket and Luluka

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  1. Oh.. who stabbed you!?!?
  2. me...of coz.. o.o
  3. Stabs???! Who got stabbed?! O_O
  4. *tsk..tsk
    I'm aware that I noe nothing about RPG.. ;___;
    *sudden stabs coming through..
  5. Oww... poor thing, I didn't want to offend you or anything.

    *Sits next to her and rubs her back*
  6. yes..yes!
    I knoe that already! Dx
    please dun ever remind it with my kind of RPG
    *sits in the corner gloomly
  7. You lost me... O_O

    Haven't you seen the RPG section!?!?!?
  8. err,,, well..
    how do I say this.. *nervous
    I dunno if this is call an rp
    but I rp an anime's that.. o.o
  9. How do you RP???
  10. aww,poor you
    btw, how exactly do you rp?
    I mean, I rp too but in a different way
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