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Conversation Between Anuket and Anime-Prince

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  1. Oh work? What do you do?
  2. Glad your day was okay. Mines been good today thanks. Work was tiring but we got everything done.

    Oh really? Well.. um thank you.
  3. Day's been pretty OK, going to the church in a few hours. Yours?

    You're welcome, I've actually started to really like your poems! ^ ^
  4. Oh.. and thank you for your comment on my new poem..
  5. Well.. hows your day going?
  6. Yeah, it's pretty much like that in here you just got to learn to adjust that's all. ^ ^

  7. I like that aspect of it. Close to nature.

    It must be such a different atmosphere over there. I imagine theres always a lot of activity going on. A lot of people, moving quickly. Whereas here, it's more slow paced. Maybe I'm wrong, I've never visited, it's just how I'd imagine it. I've lived in a massive city when I was at university and I didn't like it much. Everyone was moving at light speed. Nobody seemed to relax at any point.
  8. Oh it sounds just like my cup of tea - close to nature. X3

    Well where I live in at the moment - the Philippines, it's pretty rural too >_> I live in the capital, Manila and in my neighborhood there are always people in the streets no matter what the time is and it's not as nice compared to your environment with the whole pollution going on. But on a plus side we are a tropical country so everyday seems like summer which is fine for others but sometimes unbearable for me. >_>
  9. You'll have to find out.

    Hmm... It's very rural. Like towns and a few cities, surrounded by grassy plains and countryside. Old style pubs and taverns. I live right next to a valley, with a small burn running through it. We have very.. traditional things here. And a dialect , few can understand.

    How about where you live?
  10. Oh... is that true then? X3

    So, I've always wanted to know what's North England like? I mean I have a godfather who's from Ireland but he doesn't tell much... DX
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