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Conversation Between Megamind's Minion and SuXrys

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  1. nah.... too much of a believer in the existence of a Divine Being to be dissuaded... :P
  2. Thanks, I will look at them later.

    But what do you think about them? Convinced about anything?
  3. All episodes are in
    Refer to the list of episodes here:
    It's quite interesting...
  4. Do you have a link to it? Or knows some page where I can watch it?
  5. it's a series on ancient aliens theories...
    from the creation until today...
    the existence of pyramids and other ancient ritual grounds..
    and life on this planet and the universe..
  6. No... What is that?
  7. i was watching ancient aliens the other day...
    do you watch it too?...
  8. Ahaa, then I think I understand. =)
  9. nope, i live in the city...
    the typhoons do not visit us that much..
  10. I didn't understood that last part of the sentence. You mean that you don't live in the city?
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