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Conversation Between Kaitou+ and Kaleohano

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  1. You mean to study Culinary Arts? Yessir, you know the deal.
  2. Is that what you're going to school for?
  3. I'm pretty good with Photoshop myself, lol. But yeah, I got a list myself...I better own my damn restaurant and be the best chef in the world.

    True words.
  4. Thats what i'm doing. Living every day as much as i can. Theres still a whole lot of things on my list of sh*t to do before i die. The problem it that i seem to add something new to it every few days lol.
    Just today i decided that i wanna make a wallpaper that even Serated will give me props for lol.
    But i also still wanna go skydiving recreationally
    Build a 2JZ Supra
    Break my cars windshield with just bass.

    i'm rambling lol
    Point is i'm not some kid who's convinced he'll die or is looking foreword to dying of some bullshit like that.
  5. Don't think of death. You gotta just think about enjoying one more day of life. You die when you die, you can die tomorrow or in 50 years. I just do the best to make myself a better person and try to survive.

    I don't think it works in Visitor Messenges.
  6. did i say the wrong word? it didn't convert it
  7. Thats a very reasonable concern to have. However, personally, I've never aspired to make it past 60. And in my line of work, theres no guarantee that it'll be my health that takes me out.

    ummmm whore
  8. That's true but not to the point it affects your health either so they're always has to be a limit. Living it up it's alright but gotta watch yourself.

    Try saying the W word and see what that converts to.
  9. My friend always says "I'm a drunk, not an alcoholic. Alcoholics drink cuz they're depressed. Drunks are drunk cuz they like to party!" Funny guy lol

    But yes. A$$ is a ridiculous word to censor. It'd be cool if there was a setting so people that don't mind seeing cursing don't see the censored versions of words. And those that have a problem with it leave it on a "secure" setting that then displays all the censored versions for them.
  10. You know how it is. Gotta set your priorities first, you know? It's not like I do it cause of depression like some people anyways, it's all for fun but obviously moderately because I don't want to affect my heath either. You know how it is.

    It's silly we can't say the a-word though, but whatever. It's not like it's bad.
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