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Conversation Between Kaitou+ and Kaleohano

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  1. It has nothing to do with confusing it or bad grammar. I'm trollin' haha I purposely said that to get under his skin. Why? Cuz this is 'Mur'ka and i can!
  2. So ya how does one have bad grammar for confusing Krypton and Crypton?
  3. bronuttes? They're called brohos in my book :P
    do you go on MLiB on Facebook? if you don't, check it out. some of the stuff on there is funny as hell haha
  4. I know Scruffy, he didn't mean it to get things's just to get things moving. Things are said but aren't meant to take to heart. In this other forum, we can say a lot of shit but in the end, we're all bros (and bronuttes for girls).
  5. Being aggressive is alright and understandable. telling me to GTFO ain't alright or understandable lol In person, that would score you a punch to the jaw.

    and yes, i do understand what you're getting at.
  6. When I made the rules in my game, I wasn't doing it for you but other people who excessively post pictures in the previous games and the massive spam of them. Right now, it's not at that level but it got very annoying in the past.

    Here's the thing about the game. think of it as a detective game, detectives gotta be aggressive as fuck. right? Outside of the game, the people can be the coolest or the nicest.

    Your opinions are differently because you take this as a passtime (and it's your second game), some people it competitively. Obviously opinions are differently when the game is taken differently. That doesn't make a person boring and sad though, that's where I am getting at.
  7. that we do.
    To me, this game is as far from serious as it gets lol.

    Scruff just sits wrong with me after that first post.
    So anything that he disagrees with suddenly becomes my best friend. At least for as long as he's in the game.
    And my parents have i dog named scruffy. f'kin hate that thing lol

    I do understand that too many pics will take away from the game. but look at what i've posted so far. I don't think i've reached a point where its bothersome yet.
  8. You clearly don't know the game lol, so I'm just leave it at that.

    There's a difference between taking it personal and serious.

    Personal means you're butthurt, and seriously means you don't want to waste time.

    We clearly have different opinions on what "competitive" means though.
  9. you're a pretty interesting guy haha
  10. Dude. thats awesome! I'm the worst cook ever. I managed to mess up hamburger helper lol
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