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Conversation Between Kaitou+ and Kaleohano

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  1. top-tier? new, just a squared away sailor lol

  2. Forum needs more top-tier members like you brah.

    Lmao I hope you're doing well wherever you are.
  3. thanks. I hope he is in a better place. Lui deserves nothing less than the best.
  4. I know it's painful to lose someone that means a lot to you and had an impact in your life. According to your post, your dog was suffering so just know that your dog is finally at peace.

    Its gonna get better, bro.
  5. Oh that's nice, bro. I saw your paintjob that you did (the one you posted in some thread?), I thought it was cool but lol taking in out in public...I mean fuck people's opinion but still.

    I been great, just enjoying summer and doing annoying erands. Got them done, so that's good. I just came from Miami which was cool to see my family and I went to the beach a well.
  6. beef is too serious. i get a lil pork goin for fun. But not much past that lol

    its been good. got back from leave in germany last week. Got to test drive a Roush Mustang. and either today or tomorrow, i'll be retrying my paintjob idea on my car since my last attempt seems to have failed. But thats why its an experimental one.

    how about yourself?
  7. Lol, I thought everything was just jokes but those lasts posts seem you, like you were trying to start beef but we're grown men..we don't have time for that shit., especially in an Anime Forum. Lmao

    How you been lately?
  8. well... you know how it is

  9. This nigga...smfh lol
  10. hell to the yea. gittin swol for summer! gotta have the ladies drooling over me
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