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Conversation Between Kaitou+ and animeyay

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  1. Yes, but Final Fantasy XIII-2 is an RPG, how the story is narrated and voices do impact the dialogue of the cutscenes.
  2. ahahahahaha I'm almost always for laziness, but that's me :x
    the gameplay will be the same, so I don't mind how horrible the voice acting is~
    since, after all, I'm playing a game, not watching a movie :P
  3. So I should kill my fun for lazyness?
  4. looooooooooooooooool but it's English, which means you don't have to read the subtitles constantly~ I agree tho, English dubbing sucks more often than not
  5. And deal with the American voices?

    No thank you.
  6. so, you might as well just get the American version XD
    didn't know PS3 was region-free! the more reason I'll need to get one eventually!
  7. Because it's a company, either way, I played the game at E3 and is much better.

    I guess I can wait a month since the the Chinese version will have Japanese voices and Chinese/English subtitles, but it's releasing at the same day as the American version as for the Japanese version, Japanese voices/Japanese subtitles.
  8. oh god, XIII-2 is finally coming out?
    XIII's review was mediocre-ish, or so I heard, so why did SqEx rush out a 2? o.O

    Okay, so the Chinese version will have English subs but bad thing is it releases on January 2012 and not along the Japanese version. And I was looking forward to spoil the game. >_> =P
  10. don't you try to lol away with those owl goggles now! >:P
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