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Conversation Between Kaitou+ and animeyay

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  1. マイクはあくです!

    「投票する リンチ マイク」

  2. Yeah, bro. I am actually making a crapload of money through my intership and Youtube and since she's been hinting to get a new dinning table fora while, Imma get this one she wanted so badly for her. xD

    Of course it is. But nah, the game does get boring for some people and I can tell you they are the laziest of them all. xD They go to work, return from work and do nothing at all....xD
  3. yikes, mother's day and gf's birthday? sounds rough XD
    (speaking of which, I really should get a present for my mom soon lol)

    man, sounds like you've been bound down by life, too. but that's good, 'cause you're busy being productive (as opposed to idling around on the net). I think that's precisely why so many people don't get tired of Mafia; they simply have way too much free time on their hands.

    anyway, don't die amid your busyness lol. good luck with your internship (which sounds very exciting) and school!! and I is jelly of your E3 trip D:
  4. Because even a person like Jackie Chan can show his rage. Everyone has those days.

    I feel you on the busy part, dawg. I got a culinary internship plus I got classes so I haven't gotten the time to do a lot of stuff I want. I haven't been playing Mafia on NF either, but then again, I'm just really bored of the game. I dunno know how some people there (and I guess here too) can still play the game with enthusiasm.

    And yeah, pretty much and I got Mother's Day and my girl's birthday 12 days later to deal with. After finals I am going straight to Cali for another year of E3.
  5. why would a nice person like me wanna be mean intentionally? :P

    anyway, my work has gotten really busy recently my boss is apparently working on a new product at our lab, so we all have to work hard together with him. but oh well, that's life lol. I still check AF on a daily basis, but I don't get as much time to do my translation work now or play Wolf D:

    and you bet your tacos that I still eat with my chopsticks. it runs in my blood XD
    how about you? getting ready for your finals?
  6. You better, Chino.

    So how's life, bro? Still eating with chopsticks?
  7. lol you know I was just kidding~
  8. See, here's the thing....You're actually Chinese so you're being offensive. ;__;
  9. Mexican :P
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