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Conversation Between Kaitou+ and animeyay

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  1. I knew it!! Your name change certainly fooled me XD
    But that song made me realize you were actually Kaitou hehe
    How've you been? I can't remember the last time I saw you
  2. Thanks bro.

    Also: Remember this?

    Oh gosh, the horror. xD
  3. uh, they could just type "torrent" directly. as long as the file name is Japanese, Google will turn up Japanese torrent results...
  4. If a Japanese person is looking for a torrent to download.

    How would he type it? Katakana?
  5. Oh yeah, I heard. I hope he's good as well.

    Yeah they are the top tier shit of this season. Meh...with Youtube, Uni and other stuff, I don't have time to watch too much anime. Also, as a gamer, I am watching Sword Art Online. Can't waste my time and gotta be productive instead. I'm starting to start a project with some people that will benefit the 5 of us, but we're not getting anywhere so I'm all...ugh.

    Still? I remember you mentioned something like that before. Haha, with what you told me I can see how it can get boring. But good luck.

    Already in my 4th week of school and so far so good, to be honest. I am trying to get a lot of my work done so I can just chill for the following weeks. Always seems to work well. It's also my last year so I got to put dat effort, mang. After College? God only knows, man....god only knows. lol But I plan to move out that's for sure.
  6. yea, he lived in Syria, and with all that mess happening in Syria right now, I suspect he's having quite the difficulty staying in touch with us I just hope he's safe and sound.

    Tari Tari is one of the better ones, and Hyouka is my personal favorite most of the shows nowadays are so infested with overwhelming fan service that I tend to just skip them completely lol.

    I've been good. applying for medical school right now. hopefully I get in next year so that I can quit my current job XD it's getting tiring. how's your school and life?
  7. Haha, that's what I was thinking, but you know I meant that Are we are scum buddies. I miss him....he was mad cool.

    I know it is. Hyouka as well.

    How you been, Maiku?
  8. lol yea that's right , although that could also mean "Are we Aku's buddies?" (Aku = Aku no Hikari) :P

    also, Tari Tari is one of the better shows this season :3
  9. ぼくたちはあくのなかまですか?

    I said that right, right?
  10. クリスもあくです

    「投票する リンチ クリス」

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