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Conversation Between Kaitou+ and animeyay

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  1. If you wanna call a mexican a beaner in Japanese.

    Will Mame-jin work?
  2. Alright, take your time Maiku.

    Thank you.
  3. I'll get on that eventually lol. my schedule in holiday season is kinda chaotic :P
  4. Mike Tyson

    Translate this song? :3

    Don't feel like making a request thread
  5. lol, maybe because it was so such an easy question that I missed it~
    right now I'm very sleepy...had to get up early to go to my school today
    but I've been good XD nothing unusual's happening. just work and school applications.
    can't wait for Christmas, of course. probably will go to NYC to meet up with a friend :'D
  6. I asked how you been? How did you missed an easy question like that, bro? xD
  7. oops, my apologies XD no offense against Sackboy though :P "silly" could be of good connotation, too~ and nah, I don't have enough time to play games recently, so I've been holding off on buying new consoles. like there's no point in buying any if I won't have time to play, haha

    wanna reiterate your question? I'm currently rushing a paper (and trying hard without getting too distracted :P) so my brain is kinda discombobulated
  8. Silly? Don't you be dissing Sackboy. He's so kawaii and stuff and what makes LBP awesome. >=P You still haven't gotten a PS3 yet or a PSP right?

    I still got one more semester so I'm not worrying yet. xD Well, I been working hard to get good grades as its my last year. Btu hey, you haven't answered me!

    Games get leaked, Mike. =P And I wanted to know for future reference. I know how to look for games. xD I found a bunch of Japanese sites so I'll bookmarking them when the games gets leaked/officially gets uploaded. =P
  9. hehehe, I just got up when I was replying, so I wasn't awake enough to make the connection. besides, there was just no way for me to connect a silly name like Sackboy to Kaitou :P

    congratz on almost finishing your school XD enjoy it while you can, because the working life is rarely fun >.> although, from the looks of it, you sound very very drained. I hope you aren't overworking yourself

    as for that game, I would just search for it with the term "ISO" instead, because some sites have direct downloads instead of torrents. but that game is not even out yet, so it's too early to try to find a rom XD
  10. Haha, yeah. But either way, wouldn't it be obvious it's me? If you click "View Conversation" and if you go to my profile as well. (Tari Tari).

    Yeah, I mean the song it's not bad at all...But Te Kyuuro? Jesus christ, I would of never known if it wasn't subtitled...the pronunciation is so horrible.

    Yeah, I been off and on, to be honest. Busy with other stuff...not to mention you left me hanging on my post from September 9th. I been good though, I just finished my firstt semester of my last year, so I just got one more and I'm done. How are you?
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