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Conversation Between Kaitou+ and Daken.

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  1. Thank you and yeah man....the game it's so popular you gotta live under a rock not to know it.

    Thats good. What are you majoring?
  2. Nice website, just checked it out. Been good for the most part, been really into league of legends just hit challenger in it, don't know if you know what game that is but you probably do. I really want to get into the lcs haha. A dream, a dream. I'm currently in college myself.
  3. Life got the best out of any of us, man. I am doing well man. I have my own website now ( and I am back in business with the game industry. Going back to College soon for my Masters.

  4. Yeah man - life got the best of me haha. How have you been?
  5. How you been man? It's been a while.
  6. Woah its been ages.
  7. I hope you're doing well.
  8. Oh nice, thanks. (:
  9. Naruto Forums.
  10. Ay Chris, what site do you usually get your icons from?
    I like them. ;c
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