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Conversation Between Kaitou+ and Eris

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  1. two years ;-;
  2. Eris you should get the FIFA thread sticky
  3. I actually like the Gnome level best. ...Lol

    But yeah, I think it was most fitting, as if you were watching a whole season. By the way, if you care about 100%ing this game then make sure you befriended Clyde in the beginning, and Wikileaks.

    I also think the Thief class worked best for me, although it made the game less challenging so I went with Fighter as well.
  4. The actual underlying RPG aspect is really well done too. Feels like EarthBound with anal probing.
  5. Oh I didn't know that.

    That's good then, the game is really enjoyable. The censored levels were actually the most entertaining too.
  6. I got the steam version. It's uncensored (unless you're in Germany or Australia).

    It's only the console version that is censored in all of Europe, for whatever reason.
  7. You bought the censored version of Stick of Truth or imported?

    Cause you'' be missing like 25% of the game sadly.
  8. I honestly couldn't tell.
  9. I know the grill thing was for lolz and giggles.

    But you don't think I'm African-American, right? or Black in general.
  10. Who am I to argue with a visitor message?
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