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Conversation Between Paladinoras and Hikarin

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  1. I wish I didn't have to =_= I couldn't live very long without my laptop though.
    I will, I'll make sure of it^^ I just added the translits of each song to the t/l site too :3 The translations will come later
    Yeah, those kinds of songs are either confusing or fun!XD
    Oh yeah, and if you need anymore help, I don't have enough time to translate the game at the moment, but you can tell Franky that I can do some proofreading if he needs it.
  2. Mmhmm...I don't think I can last 3 days without internet xD

    Yea, and I hope you free up some time too

    Well, literal is good, but when the thing you're translating is abstract...kind of ruins the TLing process xD
  3. Very mush so =_=
    Kk, good to hear :3
    Yeah, it doesn't. I sued to be very literal with my t/ls and I still try to be, but now I use more equivilents so it flows better.
  4. Aww yeah, I can relate. Sucks when you have no internets >.<

    And ahaha, thanks, I think so too...although I guess the Paladin thing was pretty obvious xD

    Mmm...will do Hikarin, if I have time...which seems to be the main issue right now.

    Definitely. Literally translating words doesn't properly convey the meaning of the song, in my opinion. Which is why I tend to shy away from translating songs I've never heard of before.
  5. It does. O_O It really, truly sucks.
    Aha, I see!XD Well it's very original :3
    Yeah, you told me on msn :3 If you have done any of the others, show me and I'll check your translation ^^
    Yeah, I know ;p Lyrics are structured so differently, that's why. My first translations were actually kind of awkward, but I've got the hang of it now :3
  6. Aww, I see, that must suck though. O_O

    Hahaha, tbh, I don't really remember. I came up with the name randomly three to four years back..I was just trying to find a unique name and I tried Paladin, but it was obviously taken, so I played around with it and came up with Paladinoras. The name just stuck all this time xD

    Ahh, yeah, same here, although I think I screwed up my last homework >.< Oh well xD

    Oh, yeah, I'm asking you for Frank actually, I'm part of their editing team *points to webpage* I wanted to help him TL one song, but my schedule disallows me to do so D:

    And mm, I learnt a long time ago that fan-subbers generally are bad at translating songs... Nothing like seeing dem beautiful lyrics get destroyed in the OP lols
  7. No, that's not it. I make do without internet at home unfortunately.
    Ehe, I see!XD Where did your username come from?
    So am I, but I've getting better ;p
    Ah~ That's a project I promised Franky I would do :3
    I've already done It's my precious time!.
    It's good your asking someone who does lyrics to do it rather than someone who is a fan-subber though :3 Fan-subbers fail when it comes to lyrics. You need to be very familiar with them.
  8. Ahaha, thanks~
    Oh, no full access? Why? Oh right...the flooding and all. You're okay right?

    Mmm, well, not really innocent...she's more that kinda girl who's stuck in a situation she can't control. Same here, Paladinoras is pretty much my namesake, pretty much google the name and everything is mine xD

    Ahh...I haven't bothered visiting a lot of forums lately, been too busy~

    Err, okay then, the song is called Akai Yakusoku...the lyrics can be

  9. Ehehe, it's okay!XD
    Yeah, well I'm having trouble without full access to internet! ;p
    She does, na dshe's so innocent :3
    Ehe, yeah!XD I make it Hikarin on most things these days. The only other sites ither than AF (here) and SH that I really visit much at the moment is AnimeTempest and a budding scanlation group called Kurai Ryuu.
    And you sure can :3 I'm just about done with the new Shippuuden ending theme, so I'm free!XD
  10. Oh my god, a week late, I am so sorry >.<

    Work has been piling up immensely for me, and I'm finding it insane to stay active in the forums while staying alive xD

    I do like her, I mean, she has her own charm, I'll admit to that. Hahaha, your user name is Hikarin anywhere else as well? That's nice to know xD

    Btw, can I request a translation from you? =3
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