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Conversation Between Paladinoras and Hikarin

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  1. Ahaha, well that's too bad, although granted there's nothing much to do here

    And erm, when is Supanova? I went to Smash last September (?) and it was pretty amazing. Smaller than I expected, but still pretty damn good!
  2. Yaaaay! =D I actually just went past Wollongong the other day, lol.
    You'll DEFINATELY have to come to Supanova next year! =3 I'm think of cosplaying Beatrice from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. ^_^
  3. Yo yo~

    I'm in Australia now hahaha, right here in boring old Wollongong
  4. Yes, so have I! Up to course number two now.
    So close to getting things done at last!!
  5. Eh...two months Been uber-psychotically busy sorry xD

    Awww, I'm a full-fledged mod there now! So happy xD

    Lyrics eh, yeah, i do visit AF a lot only for the lyrics, although there are times when the English TLs are somewhat lacking

    Mmm, well, little brothers are a different story I guess But all I know is your brother would kill anyone who tried to hurt you in a heartbeat xD
  6. Pally, it's okay! xD Really! ^^
    I do go on SH as much as possible. I also still contact members from there regularly. In fact, wat and I have been teasing each other through email this week! xD
    I'm focusing on this site because of my love of lyrics.
    Are you sure? I don't think that's it somehow.... I used have to physically fight him when I was younger cause he'd go berserk over the littlest of things. Lucky, I was stronger than him and I'd sit on him until he calmed down or until my parents got home. =x
  7. Oh crap, again X.X

    Sorry, I've been completely uninterested in checking out AF, been busy with SH haha.

    And uhh, yes, you never go to SH anymore, that sucks xD I try not to juggle too many forums like you so for now I'm focusing on SH.

    Haha brothers never show their emotion, not really
  8. You are! How naughty! xD
    Yeah, that was me. but as you may notice, I frequent this forum more than others now.
    Little brother and no, I'm sure he doesn't <.<
  9. Oh gawd, repeat offender xD

    And erm, yeah, same situation basically, although it's also mainly because I forgot to visit here after a while xD I have too many forums to handle

    Hahhaa, older brother or little brother? And well, that's what brothers do really, but I'm sure he loves you =3
  10. Ehehe, it's fine, really! XD
    Yeah, I know what that's like. Plus I've just had one thing after another. =x
    I'm certainly imagine so! =0
    Oh, okay, that's alright then. XD My brother's nothing but a little jerk to me.
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