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Conversation Between RASCO and Lily Hayashi

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  1. Lol i had to go so how are you doing now? :3
  2. nevermind.
  3. not all cats bite >.< is there anything i can do to help xD
  4. idk it hurts a lot. * looks at hand* I now realize, i hate cats -.-
  5. yep cats are a big mystery xD you ok?
  6. XD *sighs* o.o i foundz a cat. * Cat bites my hand* ... owch.
  7. yep i was kinda used to it though xD
  8. god i hated doing that it drove me crazy. lol
    meep meep meep meepity meep
  9. great to hear

    lol i used to just browse with no music and be in silence xD
  10. I'm also good just listening to music as well
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