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Conversation Between _CTA_ and Kaitou+

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  1. Heyllo, do you have Skype or Discord?
  2. How's it going? I'm in Indonesia though, although when I was way more active ages ago, I lived somewhere else. How's life going for you?
  3. I knoww~~I was so sad when I heard that and. Hey long time no talk.

    You live in Malaysia right?
  4. Your sig. Major sobbbbbbb!!!!!!! ;___;
  5. Yea because of my asian food thread XD time flies~
  6. Yeah you haven't logged in in years, glad you're back.

    I think I called you my cooking buddy back in the day.
  7. i decided to return lol but im in the middle of writing my thesis, so might not be as much often as before. but i will show up whenever i can.
  8. I do....Im surprised that I see you here again.
  9. Hello there~ dunno if you can still remember me but hi~ ^^
  10. LOL I'm sorry. I have quite lot things to do. If you want, you can add my MSN: [email protected]
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