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Conversation Between Archaic Devices and Chewbaka

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  1. It has been. The fact that you forgot about me hurts my very soul. My. Soul. =(
  2. Heh, must've been a while since you've been on. I've been a mod for almost a year now =p
  3. Accept the friend request on FB. If you didn't get one, then I sent it to the wrong person.
  4. I am thee! I see you got promoted. Well done!
  5. I had this feeling you were Chewy, but I wasnt quite sure
  6. Check our conversation history. I'm Chewy.
  7. ...Who are you again? >_>
  8. GRIMMJOW! You and I need to catch up woman!
  9. You need to tell me. >/
  10. Noooothing
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