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Conversation Between Archaic Devices and The Invaders

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  1. Hi.
  2. Hi.
  3. hello!
  4. Hey there!
  5. Data assimilating... loading... codewords= You Rock.
  6. Thank you for doing this. You're superb, DB::. Hall Of Famer!!

    Your Wi-Fi, it's blown out...
  7. Sorry, I've been a bit busy the past week. I'll for sure have it done by tomorrow.
  8. Hey, Observer,

    Can you give me a brief update on the anniversary banner? Get back to me when you can. Thanks, and have a great week.

    Your Wi-Fi, it's blown out...
  9. Hey,

    It's so funny, every time I see that picture of young Merlin in your avatar, for a split second I think it's really a photo of you, Observer. *gullibles* Must be the human thing...

    Have a lovely week ahead, 'serve.

    My Wi-Fi, it's gone out...
  10. Hey, Observer,

    I need your help. I'll send you a PM about it.

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