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Conversation Between Archaic Devices and Scruffy

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  1. I'll talk with Ryu as soon as she gets back on. I might end up making my return as a host instead. ^.^
  2. Not quite sure. I was going to wait until summer to host mine, and I know ryu was supposed to go next...
  3. Do you know what da situation is with Mafia?

    I thought like, Ryu was supposed to host, and Lucy was after her, but Lucy dropped out..
  4. Yus we do, sir scruffy!
  5. Here is a message from Scruffy, A.K.A. Scurry, A.K.A. Andrew. ^.^

    Also, I just realized that I hadn't replied to your last like, 5 VMs or so. I'm sorry, Autumn. We needa VM more and stuff. :3
  6. Of course AF didn't notify of your VM. But hello sir scruffy :3
  7. I'mma request that set now, but I wanted to stop by and say hello to you first. (:
  8. I like the quote in your sig.~ Do you know where it's from?
  9. I was taking it seriously until I found out Maru role-hinted my role and no one decided to take me seriously that she was taking my role. I'm sorry I didn't modkill myself, but just about every wolf game I played I died first round. I wanted to see how far I could get.
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