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Conversation Between Archaic Devices and Xanfiore

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  1. I just hope you still remember those x_x
    ( Sorry for being a pushover *slaps )
  2. Alright. Take your time
  3. Nah it's fine, I dont think I'll have time tonight but I'll make the certificates tomorrow
  4. That makes 2 of it now. I hope I'm not giving you any trouble D:
  5. Just in case, I'm reminding you
    Yeah, about that
  6. It's no trouble at all :3
  7. You don't have to make it too awesome XD;;
    so sorry if it troubles you ;w;
  8. We're just trying to think of a way to make this thing look awesome. Thanks for reminding me though :x
  9. Oh right. Just let me know if you guys have done it or anything related to it
    ( You know what I mean XD )
  10. Oh, that's okay. I just thought that my name was really hard to spell that made him type it wrongly.
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