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Conversation Between Archaic Devices and Bulf

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  1. Happy birthday ralphie!
  2. Ohai, #72 marked your 4th SOTW win. Feel free to PM Kaitou Ace about your gashapon prize.
  3. Aw, your profile picture is so cute!
  4. asdoesyourgrammar
  5. It's a pain tagging you :|
  6. Garzhvog is your favorite character?
  7. Of course I do! They take time out of their day to sign up for something and it makes me happy :3
  8. The sig:

    Probably don't need one, but here's an example:
    Be creative! Just make sure it has on it that it was for September and Avi-chan's username on it.
  9. Your avatar is kinda creepy.
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