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Conversation Between Kumoness and ShadowWalker

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  1. If you still wish to email it, then yes of course, let me know if this is still an interest.
  2. Annoyingly enough, it won't let me send the whole message. Can I email it to you?
  3. I am interested in seeing your idea, as I have had many of my own, and have through boredom more then anything else decided to create such an army on standby just for goggles. What do you have in mind? ^_^
  4. So I'm thinking it might be fun to set up war mod RP. Basically, each player would be the general of an NPC army, with a moderator posting the results. I don't really sure how well it would go without mods, so obviously I'd be setting up sign-ups for both mods and players. But anyway, if you like, I can send you the rules, and you can tell me if they make sense or not. Insight from another person might make it better anyway. But for now, I shall work on battlefield maps! :O
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