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Conversation Between niKopol and Fabala

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  1. You must certainly then see Manos, hailed by the MST3K crew as possibly the worst movie they'd ever seen (leaving aside those which are worse simply for dealing with unsavory subject material). It is...something special. Once you meet Torgo and hear his theme, it's hard to imagine it being topped.
  2. (Kie_D_K) I've seen hobgoblin and space mutiny before. But that other one I haven't. It just caught me so off guard, if the jokes weren't enough that christmas one was just so full of absurdity I've never seen before.
  3. How much MST3K have you seen? I personally think Hobgoblins, Manos: The Hands of Fate, and Space Mutiny are all far better than that one, and have dozens of other favorites which would be on the list ahead of it.
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