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Conversation Between Tsuki. and GameGeeks

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  1. Pretty much anything. Not picky. Though I'd prefer not to do janitorial work and nope.
  2. Guess that makes sense, then.

    That sounds exciting. What kind of job are you looking for? Had any luck?
  3. Well I was more so going by your profile pic. Besides how many instances has there been a naked guy in a desert in media? Can't really see his face in that pic either. Pretty much the same 'cept I'm looking for a job.
  4. When has Castle ever been stranded naked in the middle of a savanna desert thing, though? hahahaha
    Not much. Just finished my finals, and have been busy with work. You?
  5. I've seen Firefly. Just can't really see anything in the background. So I took a stab and missed. So what have you been up to?
  6. Um, that's Malcolm Reynolds, captain of the 03-K64 Firefly-class transport ship Serenity. He previously served as a sergeant in the Unification war for the Independents with his second-in-command, Zoe Alleyne Washburne. He was born September 20th, 2486 on the planet Shadow. He was raised by his mother and about 40 ranch hands. During the war it was one of the first to stand against the Alliance, with many of it's young folk choosing to fight for the independents- Malcolm among them. However, Shadow has turned into a ghost planet, as all that was left was charred and blackened rock after the Alliance aggressively bombed it in an attempt to show the browncoats a lesson about the power of the Alliance. The bombings did quite the opposite, and hardened the resolve of the browncoats like Mal. After the battle of Serenity Valley the independents started losing ground, and Mal lost his faith in God. Mal may have been on the losing side, but he's still not sure it was the wrong one.
  7. Been enraptured by Castle I take it?
  8. Yeah, lost all my money to blackjack. Oh well.
  9. That's kind of depressing, you know. It's only like 10k gil
  10. You're money, I certainly don't have the funds to fix it.
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