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Conversation Between Nevaeh and Shini

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  1. Yup, yup, that's what Shini is here for. ^^ You know what, she so does. I don't really watch any anime anymore, but I can definitely see the resemblance. That'd be my luck, lol. Well, I happened to catch Victorious the other day for the first time in weeks, even though it was a rerun. Besides that, Espn, and Glee, I don't care for tv much anymore.
  2. I'll have to check out the Chaos sometime then! Thank you for the inside info ^^ I think Cat looks a lot like an anime character, maybe thats why we like her so much lol. I don't even think they have a red cat! Just the fat yellow one and a black one.
  3. Me too! Glad I'm not alone in that, lol. Yeah, it's pretty cool, especially when some of the people from Chaos (the main chatroom) head to Anime Chat (another room, usually sits empty). Omg I'd get you one too, and then buy myself a few hundred more! XD
  4. lol I think faux red hair looks great on most women! I wish I could pull it off, but I don't think so lol. I love red hair on guys too. Heh, I've never even been to the chat room before! Maybe soon. If they had a Cat gift on Vshop here, I would get you one lol
  5. Lol good then, you have perfect timing. Ah, that sounds like fun. You know, it does! I was telling one of my friends in AF Chat (which you should visit sometime) how I think I have a thing for (faux) red-heads. Little Red, Allison Iraheta-- how many more are there?!
  6. lol Yes I did go aww at the right moment. I'm going to do something special with friends, but probably on Friday. Cat's hair color reminds me of Valentines now that I think about it lol
  7. That's actually one of the few episodes I remember seeing. I also saw the one where Cat put that mask on Tori's face with that super glue lol.

    I guess? Lol I mean I'm not doing anything special for it, because I don't have anyone special for it (cue the "awws"). Are you ready for V-day?
  8. lol yes! She goes out to use the restroom, and they all get locked in. Are you ready for Valentines day?
  9. Is that the one where she was supposed to bring them water or something but didn't so everyone spent most of the episode all thirsty? Lol I loved that episode. I strangely want to watch Victorious online now.
  10. lol It's okay! It's prefectly understandable. She is adorable. I really liked the RV esp. where she just hangs around a bunch of random guys lol.
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