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Conversation Between Alphabet and Anuket

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  1. X3 It's OK, I can still message you through VM and that's good enough.

    Have fun with the movies, my personal favorite is Jeux d'enfants! ^ ^
  2. Thank you. I'll check them out later this week. My blog should allow comments though. The only checkbox on my privacy settings that hasn't been marked is the options in the "Guest" section, and for some reason I can't check the box there. Oh well :/
  3. Hiya, read your blog about French films and wanted to reply to it but your blog settings don't allow comments so I figured I'd just reply through here. Anyway, my top recommended French film for you are:

    Jeux d'enfants, Le Grand Bleu, Amelie from Montmartre, and Les Choristes.

    Let me know if you crave for more! ^ ^
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