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Conversation Between sakuraAnne and LittleMomo

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  1. how are you..??kamusta..?
  2. Then I hope God may lead you and bless you throughout your days and continue to guide your path. I hope to one day work somewhere to change the world someday.
  3. Oh realy..??
    Me I graduated Info Tech...hoping to pursue masteral Gods Will..
  4. I am studying Computer Science, so I hope to transfer to a Cal State University.
  5. Wow...ok thatz nice..
    Are you srudying..??
  6. It's Bridge Chapel. It's in california, and that's where I live XD
  7. hmmm me I do work bcoz I am employed. I am also a christian, an active christian but we dont have team for the Praise and worship...
    We only sing through our voices we dont have any musical instrument.
    What is the name of your church?
  8. Well I go to church and I volunteer alot. I am their drum person for Praise Worship Team. I love it, and yes I am Christian. What about you?
  9. hmmm...i dont what to ask..hehehe
    Do have any activities in life right now..?
    Like school,church or work...hehehe
  10. Hmm well we can play a bit of 21 questions if you want. You can ask me anything seriously XD I don't mind answering any question and I mean ANY
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