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Conversation Between sakuraAnne and catie

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  1. Yeah Taylor is kinda cool. I dunno why Taylor Lautner dumped her. Or was it the other way around?
  2. Art..?? I dont have talent in art...hehehe
    Lil Wayne is good but Taylor Swift got the award...i think she deserve her award too...
  3. lol What bout art? I just watched the american music awards today and guess what Taylor Swift got the artist of the year award!! I was hoping Lil Wayne would win it.
  4. I love BREAKTIME...hahahahaha...
    Math I think...)
  5. awesome!! I luv Biology. What about you?
  6. Oh thats owkie catie...just love math from now on...math is anywhere...hehehe if you have some confusion in math problems just PM me...maybe I can help you...ok..???
  7. OMG she has green hair!!! I have my exams so I don't come online much now days. I really weak in math
  8. Why..?Are you busy..??
    Oh shes SAKURA of Card Captor Sakura...
  9. Sometimes I dont come online for like weeks . Nice avatar!!!!!! Who is it?????
  10. hi catie...sorry for late reply...
    i stay in the church yesterday so i dont have to go online...
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