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Conversation Between Gero50 and Shibito

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  1. Thanks man I like it too both MPL and Persona are two of my top fandons after all.
  2. YOu changed your pic. I like it -brohoof-
  3. Hay there hows it been.
  4. I always liked the anime more honestly.
  5. Yugioh ah. I remeber that when I was like 13 when it first came out. I still remember my first deck XD.
  6. I like Yugioh DM/5Ds, Gundam Seed/Wing, DBZ/DB, Pokemon, One Piece, Naruto, and lots of others.
  7. My anime. hmm. well as you can see my profile pic is of Asuka From Evangelion. I also love Elfen Lied, G gundam, Yu yu hakashow, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Hmm I cant think of anythiing else atm XD what about you
  8. I'm glad you like the site. What kind of anime do you like.
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