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Conversation Between Gero50 and SuXrys

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  1. Alright. I am myself looking at the baptism of our crown princess dauther (the next queen after our crown princess), it just started on the television some minutes ago. After that I have to go downtown to the police station to renew my passport, but the thing is that I have no idea where the station is so it will be a little adventure for me now during the afternoon, lol. Will have to follow a map on the cellphone, hopefully I won't get lost. That would just be embarressing.
  2. Well today I have been trying to get caught up on a few of the web comics I follow. I have been writing in fact I finished chapter 2 of my story a week ago. I am in the editing stages for those first two chapters.
  3. Ahaa I see. So, what have you done today? Been writing again?
  4. This one in particular I started fairly recently. I just felt like writing one and Persona was the first thing that popped into my head.
  5. Fun! I wish I where better at writing stories, I actually tried to write a book back when I was a kid and I actually came a bit on it too! But... I don't know.. then I just stopped.. :# Wish I could get back those pages that I wrote back then thought, lol. Would be fun to read, atleast for the sake of getting back some childhood memories. ^__^ When did you start writing this fan fiction?
  6. Its a Persona 4 fan fic, and I am on chapter 3 ao far. I am just writing it for fun because I love writing stories, and was in the mood. I don't know quite yet how long it is going to be, but we shall see.
  7. Yes it was. :3 I asked because I didn't knew what you where talking about either. :P So, now tell me.. What is this story that you are writing? Is it for some sort of assignment or are you just doing it for the fun of it? What kind of story is it, how far have you come so far and bla bla bla bla. Questions like that I would like to get the answer to. ~
  8. Sorry I don't remember what is was we were talking about. As far as storys go though I am writing one if thats what you meant.
  9. What story?
  10. Same nothing to exciting going on with me. Except I have been making progress on my story I have been writing.
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