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Conversation Between Bulf and Vintniv

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  1. Any chance of beginner's sotw coming back? Some of the entries are a little....lacking.
  2. Checked DA? There's number of really good ones there. Other than that, Path Tool and 800% view is the best way to go.
  3. Do you have/know any tutorials on extracting images? Because I could use some xD
  4. Its your group, you do with it what you like. :3
    I'll certainly participate if that's what your asking.
  5. So I had this weird idea earlier for an "infinite" sig. Like we just keep adding to the sig and passing the .PSD on until the file becomes too large. The only catch is that we can't change the extraction you started with, or fill a layer with a color and start over. I kinda wanted to know what you thought about it first though xD.
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