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Conversation Between Bulf and Vintniv

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  1. I dont either, I kind of like it. Has the nice quality of using a low intensity color on a high one. I would change the type face, because its kind of hard to look at that as an 'E.' If you want ideas on what you might want to add.... um... well.. if this all on object, or is the E separate from the circle? Is it casting a shadow anywhere, and if there light hitting it? Otherwise, I still think its a pretty good logo.
  2. Feel like helping me rip my logo apart?

    It feels like it needs to be updated, but I don't know what to really update D;
  3. I'mma have to check that guy out, I've never seen his work before.

    The only one I can really think of atm is a tutorial on skin (which I'm still terrible at xD) for skin

    The rest I learned by sitting in live streams and asking them questions. Although I do use the brushes in this brush set a lot, particularly the blender and the round brushes:
  4. Say, do you have any digi painting tutorials that are really good?

    I know this guy:

    But he's very fast paced, and doesnt show his brush settings, or tools, so its hard to keep up with him.
  5. Hey Hyphen, I started my thread for requests. Mind stickying it for me?
  6. Entire thing is pen tool.
  7. Question! When you do your vectors, do you just vector the lines, then color it with the paint bucket, or do you do the whole thing with the pentool?
  8. Do you have a pitch for how to differentiate between Beginner and Regular? I have tried doing that, but there's always a problem. Lack of entries, lack of rewards, popular pressure, etc. Any suggestions on how to work it?
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