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Conversation Between Bulf and Kāito

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  1. Hey
    could you tell me how to attach image to the most ?
  2. If you want, you can collab with someone from another site, just let me know
    And if two people ask the same person, that person would (probably) just say no . If they didn't though...I'm not sure xD
  3. hey
    i want to make things clear about BSOTW 36.... we have to work in couples right but what if i don't know any gfxers from here ? or there may be possibillity like 2 persons may ask the same guy to finish it...thats not fair cuz one will be rejected tho i may be wrong
    all i want to say the theme could be screwed up like that .... what do you think ? and sorry my poor english :P
  4. Sure, I guess I can hand out the badges again.
    Last time I did we ran into a little drama, so I stopped for a while
  5. juts curious ... will the winners of any contests receive awards ?
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