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Conversation Between Bulf and Kaitou+

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  1. You going to Smash Fest, bruh?

    Or no Best Buys around your area.
  2. Bro, you been off Skype too long? D:
  3. You cant do Wonderful 101 either. i guess you can do a multiplat or Pokemon Rumble U.
  4. 2048p is useless....not a lot of people use that, so I don't know why that is even an issue.
    Japan got shitty recorders

    EU is the only issue though so that sucks bro. =\
  5. Because a -lot- of people kinda beat me to it. Apparently you could get it a day early if you downloaded it, and it came out in japan and EU a month earlier than it did here D:
    There's also some guy throwing them up in 2048p, and I can't compete with that xD
  6. Why I see no Pikmin on yer channel. ]=<
  7. k My Skype (like everything else) is CaptainEllipsis. I ordered the pvr too, so whenever Newegg decides to ship it, I'll be set =D
  8. Yoo add me on Skype or MSN...or both, actually.

    ....or I'll add you. >)>
  9. I'll leave this on your profile for feature reference
  10. If you're gonna do Generations, make sure you are both good to watch and play online. Don't upload randomly though...try to stick to one thing for a while...You have to make an audience so sticking to one thing, or two series max is the best way. (Brawl and Mario Kart, for example) So if you want to do Gen, make sure you stick to it. Also, do you have the component (red blue green) cables for the Wii? I'll explain things further when you actually get the thing.

    That's exactly what I told Mac.

    Also, make sure to get a NEW game...that's where all the gold is. AC3 maybe? But then again, everyone is gonna do that me.

    Make sure to do like an schedule of what games you want to play too.

    And FFS, you're a damn godly GFXer...don't waste it and make yourself and epic background like you do with your work. xD Seriously dude, epic background = profit.
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