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Conversation Between Bulf and blueangel06661

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    You should check out Vinyl decals.. Like so:

    I have one for my laptop and car. Your vectoring for the WP's remind me of them. Maybe you could commission and start selling them? Lulz
  2. Of course.
  3. Do I have your permission to challenge someone to a signature battle in contest?... :3
  4. Been asking people.. The problem is people want to learn "_____" and "_____" But they don't want to show up to the BETA's and TRIALS so we have no idea how find the right wat to do it that works for everyone. @[email protected] Oh Well, I've asked around and informed on my end so hopefully people show up.
  5. I'll see what I can do, but I don't think we'll get very many people.
  6. You. We've been having complications with the GFX learning thing so we re-worked it again to just demonstration Via. skype since most of AF has skype to begin with. Tonight at 7PM EST. Serated will be doing a demonstration on how to do one or two of his popular styles so we can watch first hand how he does things. If you're interested more information is here:

    It'd be a big help really if you could come out/motivate more people to come out. This is our last shot and if we can''t get this method to work, I don't know what else we can do.
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