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Conversation Between animemaniac321 and sasukelover124

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  1. hay whats uo=p
  2. hello!
  3. yeah. they're very different.
  4. oh i haven't heard of those anmie shows

    Are they good
  5. i watch some of the less common animes such as kino's journey. the latest ova i saw was Le Portrait de Petite Cossette. i try watching some more metaphorical things.
  6. what shows do u like
  7. after having a foam-at-the-mouth-fangirl for a best friend, i try to stray away from it >.>;;; sorry but i'm VERY particular about my animes. my brother thinks its stupid but whatever.
  8. oh well do u like inuyasha
  9. uhhh not anymore. i was a fan when i was 8. i gave up ever since it came to america.
  10. hay do u like naruto
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