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Conversation Between animemaniac321 and Lily Hayashi

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  1. hahaha okkie ^ ^
  2. naah it's fine. i'm not that easily offended >
  3. lol no prb i wasnt trying to sound mean if that was rude or mean.. e.e *hides*
  4. haha lol. thanks for the tip. i'll keep that in mind.
  5. I like your siggy it just needs to be a little brighter thats all ^ ^
  6. haha yuppers. it has some ancient stuff. i really need to make a new siggy ._.
  7. oh cool you have a photobucket awesome ^-^ ooo kitty kat *CHOMP* X.X
  8. haha lol. go ahead ^_^b i SHOULD have it uploaded on my photobucket. dont think i have it on my dA yet.
  9. not much playing with my siggy kewl avatar i may add lol
  10. not much. just playing around with my avvi how bouts you?
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